Youth at St. John's

Youth: Finding Faith, Joy, Inspiration

St. John’s Youth Ministry will love and inspire youth in their journey to seek and serve Christ in themselves and others. For more information on any of our youth programs, email Megan-Drew Benfield, Youth Coordinator at or visit our youth website.
As a Christ-centered community, these are our core values:
Faith: Seek a deeper relationship with Christ through scripture, tradition, and reason.
Welcoming: Strive to be a warm, diverse community in which every participant feels accepted and respected.
Compassion: Be loving, understanding, empathetic, and kind.
Joy: Encourage wholesome humor, fun, and fellowship.
Service: Empower our youth to give generously of their time and gifts.
Grace: Forgive each other as God forgives us

Youth Group, grades 6-12 During the school year, the St. John's Youth Group meets on Sunday after the Gathering worship service. Students share a meal in the Parish Hall following the Gathering service, then have programmed time together from 6:30-7:30 pm (in the Garden when weather permits). Youth Group is time set aside for teens to be themselves and know they are loved. Together with adult leaders, they seek to know Christ through discussion, study of Scripture, games, service to others, and prayer.

Confirmation is one of the seven sacramental Rites of the Episcopal Church. In confirmation, the community as a whole gives support as we make the public, mature and educated decision to confirm the baptismal vows that we have already made, or that were made on our behalf in infancy. During preparation for confirmation, we encourage our youth to delve deeper into Christianity and explore their faith while they have teachers, mentors and clergy right here. During our time together, we learn about the theology of the Episcopal Church and how that impacts and has been impacted by our liturgy, history and community. 

Youth Servers
Youth of all ages serve as acolytes, lectors, and ushers on Sundays. When teens serve in these ways, they gain a better understanding of Episcopal liturgy as well as more ownership of the church. 

Parish Mission Trips
Parish mission trips offer opportunities for high school youth and adult leaders to know Christ as they serve together. From helping those who are hungry and homeless in Washington, D.C. to building and repairing homes in Wise, County, Virginia, youth and adults return changed and better equipped to be Christ’s eyes and hands here. 

More Opportunities for Youth...

The St. John's Singers
The St. John's Singers, for grades 6-12, gives youth a chance to explore their heritage while also studying and performing a variety of musical styles. It is designed to offer a comprehensive and enjoyable experience in music (much like private lessons without the expense) while providing opportunities to learn about and serve God and the church. Rehearsals are held from 3:30 until 4:45 on Sunday afternoons. A commitment to regular attendance is necessary. For more information, please contact Mike Milam, interim director of music, at

Diocesan Youth Ministries
Diocesan Youth Ministries help middle and high school youth form life-long friendships with peers. St. John’s youth are involved with youth minis-tries in the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia, lovingly called DIOSWVA. From one-time service projects to weekends like Happening, a youth-led introduction to Christianity for high schoolers, youth seek and find Christ together. DIOSWVA Happening weekends and Youth at Council both take place here at St. John’s. Visit DIOSWVA youth ministries online here.

Boy Scouts
For more information about St. John's Boy Scouts, Troop 17, visit their official page here.