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National Cathedral Music Festival

St. John's Choir members Nancy Dixon, LeAta Jackson, and Belinda Clemens joined me in participating in the online Sacred Choral Music Festival at Washington National Cathedral the weekend of February 26-28.

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A Message About Church Worship in the Upcoming Weeks

This note is about how we will slowly begin to regather as a community, beginning with worship. The way to think of this is not as a light switch we flip, where everything at St. John’s is back to where it was, but a dimmer knob being slowly turned, adding more and more light. As we adjust to slowly regathering, we will continue to evaluate how things are going with the community spread of the virus, and the percentage of our people vaccinated, alongside with how well we believe we are safely handling more people at the church.

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The Rev. Mary Mackin Announces Her Retirement

The Rev. Mary Mackin will retire on February 28, 2021

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Welcoming a Robotic Guest: Pepper

Pepper the Robot took a break from his work with Roanoke County Public Library to visit St. John's in early May.

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