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St. John’s Welcomes Deb Neff as Financial Controller

“I feel like I’m part of something that makes a difference.”

Deb Neff comes to St. John’s most recently from working as an accountant in the for-profit world (at Source4 in Roanoke), but prior to that she was parish accountant for a Catholic church in Wisconsin for 11 years, and for United Cerebral Palsy earlier in her career. Doing work that supports those in need inspires her.

Originally from Upper Michigan, Deb met and married a Virginian, her husband Rick, 22 years ago. Deb’s father travels down from Michigan to spend six months out of the year with them, and Rick has family in Virginia.

Deb’s other passion is photography, a love she discovered taking night photos of the International Bridge connecting the U.S. and Canada at Sault-Ste. Marie in 2007. She carries a camera with her when they travel – locations as varied as Big Sur, Key West, Disney, Niagara Falls, Toronto, the North Carolina Zoo and Peaks of Otter.

“Being a photographer is about more than just preserving my own memories from places I have visited or scenes or landscapes that I have admired. Like any other form of art, photography has the power to invoke feelings and emotions for those who view the photograph. It’s more than just a snapshot. It’s all about composition and light and being able to achieve the goal of making that photograph match the vision that I have for the setting. Essentially, I feel that I am making a photograph, not taking a photograph.”

Deb and Rick have two five-year-old cats, Luna and Thor, and have started gardening (vegetables, mostly, with help from the deer).

Please come by the office to say hello and welcome Deb to St. John’s!