Beethoven’s Message of Hope & Divine Love in The Ninth Symphony and Holy Hymn of Thanks

Led by Dr. David Zuschin
February 13, 20, 27

Dr. David Zuschin will discuss two pieces by Beethoven that carry messages of hope and divine love amid suffering. The first piece, “Holy Hymn of Thanks to the Godhead from a Convalescent,” was written by Beethoven shortly after recovering from a severe illness. The second piece, “The Ninth Symphony,” progresses from volcanic and almost horrifying in its first movement to awe-inspiring, prayerful, and harmonic in its final movement. It gave us one of the world’s most recognized hymns, “Ode to Joy,” played in churches and the public square alike. Students played it in the Tiananmen Square protest, women sang it in the torture prisons of Chile under Pinochet, and it was played at the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Dr. Zuschin teaches courses in music history and music theory at Radford University. He and his wife, Andrea, and children, Sophie and Jeffrey, are St. John’s parishioners.

Date & Time

February 13, 2022 @ 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM