When Europe was Islamic: Religious Tolerance, Convivencia, and the Arts in Medieval Iberia

Led by Ivonne Wallace-Fuentes
January 30, February 6

Ivonne Wallace-Fuentes leads us through a two-class series on medieval Iberia, where for nearly eight hundred years Muslim polities gathered Jews, Christians, and Muslims together in what historians call convivencia— living together, a form of medieval religious tolerance based on proximity.  The first class will introduce us to the history of Muslim Iberia and invite us to explore the realities and challenges of convivencia.  In the second class, we will focus on some of the fruits of convivencia, with a special focus on the literary arts, including the Hebrew Golden Age of poetry.  

Ivonne Wallace-Fuentes is a historian of twentieth century Latin America, who you may have seen chasing her two little boys in the back pews or teaching Sunday school.  She teaches at Roanoke College. 

Date & Time

January 30, 2022 @ 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM