Women’s Retreat

By Stace Todd

Women’s Retreat was formed in 2017, our own Shelley Long talked with some women about her experiences at her previous churches and how it gave women a time to be together and grow faith over a weekend.  This sparked interest which led to creating St. John’s Women’s Retreat. The first three years went very well – a different mixture of women, both from St. John’s as well as friends/family of St. John’s congregation. Although COVID has impacted the last two years, we are returning this April 21st-23rd to W.E. Skelton 4-H Conference Center. The Women’s Retreat begins on a Friday evening to welcome everyone, Saturday is filled with many opportunities to grow in faith and fellowship followed with an evening cookout and bonfire and Sunday we have Holy Eucharist after breakfast before we depart to return to our busy lives.   One of the wonderful things about the Women’s Retreat is the flexibility, women are invited to come whenever they are able – if they can stay one night, stay one night or come for the day – it is understood at times how it may be difficult to take an entire weekend, while the hope is to have everyone for the weekend – there is the opportunity to be a part for however long schedules allow.  Being a part of the Women’s Retreat has deepened my faith and built meaningful relationships with other women.  I encourage you to talk with Marisa or Chrissy to learn how to register for 2023 Women’s Retreat.

Click here to register for the 2023 Women's Retreat.