To be a part of Women at the Well

By Stace Todd

Women at the Well was developed from an idea discussed at the Women’s Retreat in 2018.  A place for women to come together to share a meal and conversation.  To meet other women from St. John’s and the community.  To meet once a month to just be… a person – having roles of mother, daughter, sister, spouse, significant other, all the roles a woman plays in her life, this group offers a time to focus on self and those gathering for conversation.  Women at the Well has also made donations to several local agencies.  Women at the Well offers if a person is so moved, to make a donation (generally the cost of a dinner out) and at the end of the year we vote on local agency who support women and/or children.  Some of the agencies that have received donations ranging from $1000 - $3000 are:  CATS (Children’s’ Assistive Technology Service), SARA, The Lampstand, Crossroads, VWCC Student Emergency Fund, and House of Bread.  During the times I have attended Women at the Well, I have met several newcomers to St. John’s.  This gathering offers a small, quiet environment to learn about each other.  I have had several new friendships develop from meeting at Women at the Well.  I have had some friends who do not attend St. John’s attend and like the Women at the Well atmosphere.  I would invite you to come on a second Tuesday of the month to enjoy food, conversation, and community.  There are no commitments, just a time to be with other women and possibly add to your village.