The Q&A: What Journeys Have You Taken This Summer?

Every month or so, be ready for a question! We’ll reach out to parishioners, staff and others in the St. John’s family with a topic, sometimes faith-related, sometimes not. If you’re interested in contributing an answer in an upcoming issue, contact Cara Modisett, communications director,

Kathleen Gregory

“2017 marks a milestone in my life because I turned 70 on August 26. I look forward to all the experiences God has in store for me as I begin another decade of my life’s journey.

“In June I attended the wedding of my youngest daughter, who, at the age of 40, is a district court judge in Colorado Springs. Seeing her so happy filled me with joy. Probably the highlight of this year occurred earlier in August when my three children, their spouses and my six grandchildren gathered in Lake Tahoe to celebrate my birthday. Everyone managed to set aside one week from their busy lives so we all could be together. My gift was having my family all around me – lots of laughter, good conversation and bonding. Throw in a few road trips exploring the Tidewater, Richmond and Norfolk, a University of Michigan football game, a horse farm in Kentucky and a Florida condo – this year certainly has been filled with journeys!”

Kathleen, a member of St. John’s for a year and half, grew up in Michigan and moved to Roanoke three years ago. Now retired, she has been a kindergarten teacher, a legal assistant, a massage therapist and small business owner.

Nora Terrill

“This summer I am embarking on a very important journey. I will be learning how to drive. As you can imagine, my parents are a little nervous and for those of you who know me I’m sure it is nerve racking as well. I am now old enough to get my learner’s permit, all I have to do is pass the test. I am very excited to start driving. When I learn how to drive I will be able to drive myself to church and youth group whenever I want to!

“Hopefully by the time you are reading this I will have my learner’s permit and I will be driving. I have been studying and I feel ready to begin this journey. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m going to be nervous when I start driving too. But I know that with God’s help and some studying I will do great. But in case you happen to be on the road at the same time as me, I would recommend trying to stay a couple hundred feet away, just in case.”

Nora was born in Roanoke and has lived here all her life. Besides church, she rides horses and shows on the local hunter/jumper show circuit, volunteers at CYP and is on the yearbook staff at North Cross School, where she is in 10th grade. She now has her driver’s permit.

Ken Robison

“My most recent and memorable journey was not a literal one. Rather, it was the journey my family took during my father’s recent illness and subsequent death. Every step along the way, someone from St. John’s was there. Parishioners brought food along with much needed companionship. Mary Mackin was there many times to provide comfort. Eric Long was awesome in the final hours and again in giving an incredibly personal homily. David Charles’ music was carefully chosen and beautifully played while the women in the funeral ministry performed their own loaves and fishes miracle.

“While every earthly life ends the same way, when the family is with the Church, the journey is much easier and even rewarding. Thank you to St. John’s for making our journey a bit easier.”

Ken is a lifelong member of St. John’s and a financial advisor in Roanoke.

Posted by Cara Modisett at 8:22 PM
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