St. John's: A Part of Our Lives

A reflection on giving back, by Rand Garrett

I never realized how much St John’s really meant to me until several years ago when I took a seven-week bike trip across the country. As I finished up my trip, I entered some of my feelings into the journal I was keeping. I wrote that, in addition to my family, what I missed most about being away for such an extended time was being separated from my church community.

Maybe, like most of us, I took for granted that St. John’s will always be here for us and for others when we need it – whether it’s for happy times like a glorious Easter service or a family wedding or for sadder times involving illness or a funeral.

I feel like I lucked out – I need St. John’s to be part of my life and it was already here for my family and me, so I need to make sure it stays here for me and others who will come along after me.

This is the second in a series of periodic reflections from the Endowment Board of St. John’s Episcopal Church.

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