Life worth living

"...What makes life worth living, and what destination makes it reasonable to let that life end?"

Last Sunday, Dr. Tommy Morel, a palliative care physician at Carilion, and the Reverend Mary Mackin started a three-session class called "Holy Living, Holy Dying." I found it interesting that this class coincided with next Thursday's St. John's Book Club choice, When Breath Becomes Air (this year's Roanoke Valley Reads selection), by a neurosurgeon who died in his 30s. The above quotation is from his book - from my heart!

We should all have "that conversation" about our final days and our wishes for care. We anticipate hearing from Dr. Morel's suggestions for approaching these decisions, easing our hands and hearts through the difficult task of facing the end.

Discussing life/death experiences with a wide range of people will surely be enlightening over the next two sessions.

–Ann A. Garst

Posted by Cara Modisett at 7:22 PM
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