Journey Groups: A New Series this Fall

In a fairly recent sermon, I talked about the idea that we are created by God to want to be in community with others. We are hard wired, so to speak, with the need to be with others as we navigate the twists and turns of our lives.

But it isn’t always easy to find the time or the people to share our roads, and what many of us find is that the church can be a wonderful place to find community, to bring people into relationship with each other along their personal lives and faith lives. This fall, we will be launching a new small group ministry here at St. John’s, creating a new way for our parishioners and friends to connect, learn from and encourage each other.

We’re calling these “journey groups,” and for nine weeks this fall we’ll offer a variety of parishioner- and clergy-led groups that will include, among others, centering prayer, writing our faith, a book discussion group and knitting.

A number of these groups, though not all, will meet on Sunday evenings. Some will be creative, others study-oriented, others focused on contemplation and prayer – the goal of all is to create a place where we can connect with others and help grow in our faith lives.

If one of these new groups doesn’t fit your schedule or interests, consider our other small groups that are already journeying together. My hope is that everyone will make the commitment to try one of these groups for nine weeks this fall. Our schedules are busy, but sometimes adding one more thing, if it has meaning and purpose, helps ground us for the rest of our week.

Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m.

The Book of James with Hans and Diane Briggs

Knitting Fellowship with Anne Krogenes (beginners welcome!)

Sundays at 6:15 p.m.

Centering Prayer with Elise Hansard

Faith and Fun for Children and Families in the Child Care Center

Nadia Bolz-Weber Book Group with Kristi Wills and Noelle Milam

Writing Our Faith with Cara Ellen Modisett

Caring for Caregivers with Gerald Carter

Please contact me ( if you have any questions about journey groups, or if you would like to lead one or be a part of one.

I look forward to journeying with you.

—The Reverend David Olson

Posted by Cara Modisett at 3:03 PM
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