CYP and T.R.U.E. Receive Grants

The Kiwanis Club of Roanoke has awarded grants totaling more than $2,000 to two of St. John’s ministries.

Community Youth Program (CYP) received $1,250 to cover the costs of hosting the Kids’ Farmer’s Market. “We held three farmer’s markets on-site during the 2017-2018 school year,” says CYP executive director Jackie Smith. “Each kid took home 10 pounds of fruits and veggies – they use play money to buy the items from volunteer ‘farmers.’”

A $1,000 grant from Kiwanis was awarded to T.R.U.E. (Temporary Assistance for Unexpected Emergencies) to assist women and children. “The grant from Kiwanis will be used to help families in our community stay in their homes,” says the Reverend Whitney Burton “It is amazing what a small grant can do when it comes to paying rent or helping with a past-due utility bill and we are grateful for this extra help from Kiwanis to further our mission.”

Posted by Cara Modisett at 12:00 PM
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