Creator Spirit, Come

Art and music inspire our own creativity in a variety of ways. They draw us in and deepen our relationship with each other, with the world around us, and with our Creator. Enjoy these music-inspired photographs submitted by parishioners.

Lynne and Harry Kessler in the St. John’s Choir, were inspired by John Rutter’s arrangement of “For the Beauty of the Earth.”  This is the eastern view from their backyard in Craig County as the sun sets in the west, creating the colors on top of Price Mountain.





Connor Dunford, member of St. John’s Singers, was inspired to take this photograph by Philip Stopford’s setting of “In the Bleak Midwinter.”





Paige Lucas, member of St. John’s Choir, references “The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee” by Jean Berger in this photo. She and Kian toured the Biltmore and its surrounding gardens and conservatory. In this photo from the conservatory, she was mainly inspired by the verse in the song about living things and liked how the geometric shapes in the photo suggest an intentional design in nature.




Sarah and Isaac, members of St. John’s Music Academy, chose the song “Want” by Birdtalker. Sarah drew a picture of someone who was hurt and another person stopped to help them. She said that was something that Jesus would do to show love and we should too. Isaac colored the picture. They came up with the photo idea together based especially on the line “I want to have eyes of love.” Isaac is in the picture. Sarah took the photo.









The photo by Nancy Dixon, member of St. John’s Choir, was inspired by “The Servant Song.” She writes, “What meaningful words this hymn offers, especially for us today.  We are encouraged to share our burdens and to be present for and supportive of others in times of joy and of sorrow. Calling us to speak peace and to live in harmony, this hymn inspires us to be Christ-like and to demonstrate Christ’s love in our lives and with others.  As we travel on this journey of life, let us pray that we may have the grace to be servants of one another.”

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