Addiction: Finding Hope, Love, Transformation

Drs. Dave and Cheri Hartman spoke at our Sunday services on March 17, 2019 about addiction and recovery. They each have more than three decades’ experience working with individuals in addiction and recovery including work in private practice and at Carilion and the Bradley Free Clinic.

David: “I have the honor to work with a number of these individuals in six groups a week, and through the use of medication-assisted treatment as well as group therapy, we’ve been able to see transformations of individuals into really loving human beings. I encourage you and invite you all to be involved, overlook our stigma or prejudice of working with substance abuse disorder and reach out to the people in our families, our parish, our community, and I will assure you you will get much love in return.”

Cheri: “We are reaching out and touching folks who feel so vulnerable and in need of love, people who feel broken apart by their disease of addiction, who have lost hope, and whose shame has made them lose sight of their own value – feeling so small, lonely and vulnerable – as they put themselves into our hands. Just by accepting these – oftentimes young –men and women, just by listening to their tragic stories with love and compassion and providing hope that they can recover and that they can find the help they need – sacred precious moments unfold. Reaching out for help feels like this act of prayer on their part – on my end, being trusted by such a vulnerable person feels sacred and privileged, even if all I have done is sparked a glimmer of hope and a sense of value as a worthy child of God. This WAY of love is something we can all do.”

How You Can Help

Roanoke Valley HOPE Initiative at the Bradley Free Clinic
This program provides free help with finding appropriate treatment options, offered by volunteer “Angels.” Volunteers complete a two-hour training and are supervised by staff. Their roles include giving comfort bags, meeting with participants to record their information and provide information from the HOPE Directory of Services, clerical work, follow-up phone calls, assisting with educational events, leading satellite projects or hosting educational events, book clubs, prayer and support groups and fundraisers. Volunteers can also have additional training to learn how to use the REVIVE drug, Narcan.
For information contact the RV HOPE Initiative, 540-339-9010, or Christine Baldwin, staff,

National Drug Take Back Day, April 27 
Volunteer with Prevention Council through Nancy Hans ( or through RAYSAC: Roanoke Area Youth and Substance Abuse Coalition


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