A New Window to the World

St. John’s logo redesign is unveiled, as we move toward website redesign in 2018.

Technology, and how we use it, changes, and ministry changes with it, as social media and multimedia continue to shape and reshape not only our professional and educational landscapes but our spiritual ones as well.

After eight years of engaging with our city and our world through our current website – a long life for a url – St. John’s has begun taking steps toward a website redesign, and one of those steps was the redesign of our logo. St. John’s hired Speak Creative, a website design company based in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee, to work with us on re-visioning our digital ministry. The website will continue to be developed in the coming months, and we’re excited to unveil the logo now. Its colors and themes will be incorporated into the new site.

“Every aspect of this logo is an attempt to marry the old and the new,” says Mike Moran, designer with Speak. “The stained glass motif with inset cross was chosen to both reflect the architecture of the church and to evoke that sense of tradition. However, bold, clean lines were used to give this logo a graphic and more modern edge.

“The color palette was also chosen to be a mix of the expected (blue, red) and the unexpected (teal, purple) inspired by St. John’s own stained glass. Similarly, the chosen fonts are a combination of classic and neoclassic typefaces. It’s the subtle mountain silhouette inspired by St. John’s location that really sets this logo apart. In my opinion, it makes this truly St. John’s own.”

The window has theological significance, too. Senior Associate  Rector David Olson: “When we look through it and see the mountains we are reminded that St. John’s exists not just for ourselves but for the sake of the community we are a part of and for the world around us as we look to the future. The cross at the center of the window reminds us that we see the world through the lens of the cross, a good reminder that we are called to offer the same grace and love we were given in the cross to all those who come to St. John’s or who we meet out in the world.”

Posted by Cara Modisett at 6:39 PM
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