A Heavenly Host

by Lucy Burnett

Christmas Eve of 2014 was my family’s first Christmas Eve service at St. John’s. I remember staring at the stained-glass windows during the service and drawing my own version of an angel from the stained glass windows (yes, I took some artistic liberties). The next year, I came across my drawing whilst nostalgically flipping through my old artwork and decided to make an updated version with the skills I’d learned over the year. Since then, I’ve made it a tradition to re-draw the angel every Christmas Eve on the “Episcodoodles” paper pads. Though it’s strayed a little far from a recreation of the stained-glass window, I believe it to be a nice tradition. Christmas, for me, is a time of reflecting on the past, so when I look at my old angel drawings, I remember the joy that Christmas has brought me throughout the years, and how much I’ve grown since my first Christmas Eve at St. John’s. 

Lucy Burnett is a junior at Community High School of the Arts and Academics. She’s been attending St. John’s for around 6 years and is an accomplished artist.




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