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National Cathedral Music Festival

St. John's Choir members Nancy Dixon, LeAta Jackson, and Belinda Clemens joined me in participating in the online Sacred Choral Music Festival at Washington National Cathedral the weekend of February 26-28. Activities included virtual rehearsals, a variety of workshops for singers, directors, and organists, a centenary celebration of long-time Cathedral musician Richard Dirksen, participation in Evensong and Sunday morning livestreamed services, and an organ recital and "organ crawl" featuring a tour of the inner workings of the organ and the pipe chambers. Capping off the weekend was a fantastic concert of new music performed by The King's Singers and Cathedra, the National Cathedral's concert choir. The Cathedral's music staff and technology team did a phenomenal job pulling together a large conference via Zoom and YouTube. I attended this festival in person last year and was thrilled to be able to share it with choir members this year in a virtual format. We look forward to attending in person in the future. It was a most memorable weekend!