St. John's News

Worship Changes Beginning on June 6

In accordance with the new guidelines provided by the CDC and the Commonwealth of Virginia, beginning Sunday, June 6, St. John’s will:

Lift attendance restrictions on our worship services and not require registration.

Ask people who are not fully inoculated to wear masks while allowing those who have finished their full vaccination schedule to make a personal decision regarding wearing a mask.

Allow congregational singing with the caveat that if you are not fully vaccinated, you should wear a mask, and refrain from singing.

Open our children’s ministry programs and Child Care Center with nursery. Our staff will all have been vaccinated and because young children cannot be vaccinated, we will adhere to masking and distancing restrictions for our children.

As you notice, much of the responsibility is shifting to our members to make decisions based upon their vaccination status and level of comfort. What we ask is for people to be kind to one another and respectful that we are not all on the same page regarding our levels of risk aversion. Readjusting to church life together will take time and we need to be gentle in dealing with one another.

We are thrilled to welcome you home to St. John’s!