St. John's News

New Vestry Members Announced for 2020

Every year, the vestry is tasked with reviewing issues of budget and facilities. In the coming year, we’ll be looking at solutions to fund facilities needs that we do not currently have resources for, so that we can maintain the church for decades to come, knowing that this building is vital not only to our own ministries and programs, but also to the community.

“We’re caretakers beyond our walls in many ways,” says the Reverend Eric Long, including supporting ministries throughout DIOSWVA, helping strengthen and sustain our diocese’s ministry and presence in smaller towns and rural areas. 

Following are the newly elected vestry members from our December 8 Annual Parish Meeting. We give God thanks for all our parish leaders! Please keep them in your prayers.

James Breakell, Ray Cobb, Cal de Coligny, Barbara Renick, John Wood