St. John's News

Totally Baked Bread & Pastries

By Stace Todd

It has been an exciting time in Zebilla! On Saturday, July 20, 2019, Totally Baked Bread & Pastries made its first batch of bread.  Thanks to a $12,500 grant, Kimoyo Ltd. (our ministry in Ghana) was able to help women in Zebilla open their very own bakery where they are offering three types of bread to start: white, wheat and tea. 

The bakery is currently making 50 pounds of bread per bake and will be introducing fried donuts soon, and other tasty pastries in the future.  They have already had requests to bake birthday cakes which currently cannot be purchased anywhere else in town.  

The first week of being opened, the women went through training on baking as well as how to run a business.  The women have been working on building the business and skills, and have also built connections with each other and the community.   To promote the bakery, they have used several methods to “spread the word”.  They have a town crier going through the village announcing the availability of the breads, as well as radio advertising and printed leaflets.  As the business begins to grow, so do the ideas for the business.  The women are already brainstorming on how to create a social area so the bread/pastries can be enjoyed with drinks in a patio style area.  The hopes are to include a drink machine and coffee maker in the near future to accompany the bread and pastries.  

This exciting time in Zebilla is a great example of how Kimoyo gives opportunity and hope for the women in these villages to become self-sufficient and independent.  Kimoyo is only possible by the generosity of St. John’s and Kingdom Life Ministries congregations.  With continued support, the possibilities are unlimited as to what Zebilla and surrounding villages can achieve.