1850 Society

There are many ways to honor your relationship to St. John’s Church. Joining the 1850 Society is one of them.

 Since its founding in 1850, St. John’s Roanoke has fulfilled its mission and ministry as one of the most vibrant parishes in the Episcopal Church. The 1850 Society was created to ensure that St. John's legacy continues for generations to come.

 The 1850 Society honors those who choose to make St. John’s part of their legacy through a planned gift or a gift to our endowment. Separate from the annual stewardship campaign which funds the yearly operating budget of our parish, planned gifts may be either directed by the donor for a specific use or unrestricted, allowing the Vestry to direct the gift. All gifts directed to the St. John’s Endowment Fund will be endowed in perpetuity. If you wish to honor your relationship with St. John’s by making a planned gift or a gift to the endowment, we invite you to become a part of the 1850 Society today.

 Download and print the 1850 Society brochure for more information.

 Three ways to make a Legacy Gift to St. John’s

1.)           Bequest

Make a lasting gift by naming St. John’s in your will. If you have an existing will, you may work with your attorney to prepare a codicil, bequeathing a specific amount or a percentage of your estate to St. John’s as a planned gift. The bequest can specify a gift of cash, securities, real estate or personal property.

2.)           Retirement Plan Assets

Retirement plan assets and individual retirement accounts can be the most tax- burdened assets in an estate and are often considered an attractive option for making a planned gift to a charity. To make a charitable gift of your retirement plan assets, complete a new beneficiary designation form naming St. John’s Episcopal Church as the sole or percentage beneficiary.

3.)           Life Insurance Policy

Gift a life insurance policy or name St. John’s as a sole or a partial beneficiary of a policy. Making a lifetime gift of a life insurance policy may provide income tax and estate tax benefits

 If you intend to include St. John’s in your legacy planning or have already done so, please complete and return this form to the Parish Administrator so that we may acknowledge your generosity and include you in 1850 Society celebrations.