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Serving God and neighbor for 125 years

St. John’s is an exciting church that exists to proclaim the Good News that is Jesus and reach out in his name. Hospitality, community, faithfulness, service, family and love are not just words to us. They are the most descriptive expressions of the life we share together and they set the narrative for the story that is us. That is how we have lived together for over 125 years. That is the mission God has called us to offer in his name to the world he loves.

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Latest Sermon

September 15, 2019

Seeking the Lost

“In the same way that we did all in our power to come together to find the lost on that horrible September day (9/11)…We are called to seek those who are missing from our community out. Those we have, through neglect, or forgetfulness, or hate, or by accident lost. Those who are not here." | Sermon by the Rev. Whitney Burton

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  • We Remember, We Repent 9/17/19
    By Jenny Garrett Fife ( jgfife@gmail.com ) “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” James Baldwin. I am a child of the South...
  • Disruption and Inspiration 9/9/19
    Cara Ellen Modisett, St. John’s communications director for the past two years, has left Roanoke to begin studies at Virginia Theological Seminary as a postulant for priesthood in the ...
  • Pampas Grass 9/4/19
    by Gail Tansill Lambert While driving down Franklin Road across the bridge, I saw pampas grass glowing in the sunshine and swaying in the breeze over the Roanoke River. I couldn’t stop but...

Latest News

  • About our service music this fall... 9/9/19

    Some of you may have noticed a recent change in some of the service music at our 10 a.m. liturgy. Our chant tune for Psalms has shifted away from the familiar one by Samuel Wesley that we used throug...

  • Totally Baked Bread & Pastries 9/3/19

    By Stace Todd It has been an exciting time in Zebilla! On Saturday, July 20, 2019, Totally Baked Bread & Pastries made its first batch of bread.  Thanks to a $12,500 grant, Kimoyo Ltd....

  • Community Youth Program Grants 9/3/19

    The Community Youth Program (CYP) is proud to have recently received two grants to support our program. We were awarded $20,000 from the City of Roanoke- our largest donation yet from the City!  ...