“You know how you have some friendships in life that are simply more resilient than others? Those relationships that, no matter how much time has lapsed between conversations or Facebook posts, will just pick up where they left off? The friends who always offer lively conversation and hearty laughter? These are the friends that make you pause and think about your viewpoints and encourage you to grow as a person. You know that when life is tough or scary or heart wrenching these friends provide a safe haven of acceptance and love and patience. You can count on them and vice versa. Though my relationship with St John's is relatively new, I feel about this church the way I feel about strong friendships…”
-Lillian on what St. John’s means to her


“A profoundly poignant moment for me at St. John’s was the 1979 baptismal service for a tiny girl. Unaccountably and uncharacteristically silent through the conduct of the service, she beamed in the arms of the Rector as he took her on what he termed 'the Miss America walk' up one aisle and returning from the back of the church down the other. This infant was magical Meredith, our only child, and for the first time I not only witnessed the sacrament but felt it deeply-all the way past my wobbly knees to my size 12 shoes.”

-Dev on the baptism of his daughter


“I’ve never been in a church that doesn’t just welcome newcomers but wants them to understand what the faith is about and wants to fully integrate them. You can visit a church for a long time, but not hear about classes for newcomers that teach about the tradition, how they go about their services, what they're about, and then gives you the choice whether or not to come.”

-Susie on Explorer’s Classes


“In 2001, my wife Glenda and I came to St. John’s. We were drawn here by the music and by our acquaintance with Minister of Music David Charles Campbell, whose talents are greatly admired. What a surprise we had in store! Not only was the music great, but we soon discovered that there was more...After years have gone by, I have found that my somewhat narrow spiritual perspective was being challenged. My life was enriched by the new association with the people and ministry of St. John’s.”

-Gene on how St. John’s has enriched his life


“This is not the closest Episcopal Church to my home. Not even the second or the third closest. So why is it that I make the ‘long trip’ (all of twelve minutes) from the north to this particular church? The obvious reasons are the wonderful music, great liturgy, and beautiful surroundings. While these things are important, they aren’t the most important reason.

When Stace and I first started coming to St. John’s we attended a newcomers’ reception at the Rector’s house. Now there are two things I remember about this reception. The first is that someone put the oven on clean instead of bake, and well, let’s just say that we didn’t have lasagna that night. The second thing is that we met a church member who talked with us that night and made it a point of remembering our names.”

-David on his welcome at St. John’s


“Thank you so much for your kind and loving help when I went through the most difficult health challenge of my life. You gave me not only support but courage to live through it knowing I was not alone and you were behind me and holding me up.”

-Theresa on the ministry of the Pastoral Care Committee


“Like a persistent vine, the liturgy and traditions of St. John’s found me and attached themselves. Slowly at first but ever growing, they have come to encompass and become part of me, and helped open my heart and mind to Christ. This friendship of the Gathering service, the knowing smiles in the hallways, the clatter of the dining hall, the countless volunteers… all attest to God’s love at work. I am fortunate He led me here.”

-Brad on what St. John’s means to him


Testimonial photos by Steve Blanks.


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